Deportment & Finishing School

We only get one chance to make a first impression and for young people entering adult life it is important to acquire the skill and confidence to dress with style, walk with a presence and socialise with elegance to enhance this impression.

It is this impression that influences peoples decisions when they meet us for the first time and defines what kind of relationship they wish to have with us.

I personally attended such a course when I was 17 years old and it instilled a confidence within me that I was lacking at a very young age. It was my school principal who identified and suggested such a course for me, which proved life changing in my career choice.
So it gives me great pleasure to introduce our Deportment and finishing school for young people as part of the offerings of the COCO Beauty group.

Lisa O’Mahony,
Managing Director.

Our Finishing Training includes:

Beauty Bootcamp:
• Learn the latest tips and makeup trends.
• The secret art of contouring, colour selection and shading.
• Assistance with skin problems.
• Eyebrow shaping/colour and shading.
• Applying false lashes (strip and individual)
• Selecting the right skincare routine to suit you and your lifestyle using Decleor Skincare.
• Daytime makeup and evening makeup, Smokey eye.
• Application and techniques for applying self-tan.
Deportment Training, Posture and body language:
• Learn how to walk confidently.
• Correct any deportment and posture concerns.
• Active posture – walking, sitting and standing.
• Learn the art of positive body language, Shaking hands etc.
• How to embody a positive attitude.

Fashion and wardrobe styling session:
• Mixing, Matching and co-ordinating your wardrobe.
• Learn Colour ideas to suit your skin tone and introduce to your wardrobe.
• Colour swatching i.e. Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn. Each student will receive a personal booklet in guiding correct colour choices.
• Dressing to suit the occasion.

Personal Grooming:
• Hand and nail care.
• Manicure and pedicure techniques.
• Correct Hygiene practice.

Speech Enhancement:

• Diction, Voice projection and modulation.
• Public speaking skills.
• Breath control and relaxation techniques.
• Maintaining calm under pressure and controlling nervous tension.

Communication Skills:
• Meeting and greeting people.
• Starting and maintaining a conversation.
• Knowing what to say and how to say it.
• Effective listening.
• The art of a good handshake.
• Assertiveness (Include skills on handling bullying and difficult relationships)
• Healthy self-awareness.

Health and emotional well-being:

• Developing self-esteem and a positive body image.
• Establishing and maintaining a healthy eating plan for life.
• Incorporating exercise into your lifestyle.
• Tips on nutritious alternatives for snacks and fast foods.
• Building resilience and self-acceptance.

This Course is especially designed for young people. (14-17 years)
Duration: 1 week (5 Days)
Class Hours: Monday-Friday 10 am -4 pm

Deposit of €200 to secure place.

Week 1: June 17th – 21st
Week 2: June 24th – 28th
Week 3: July 8th – 12th
Week 4: July 22nd – 26th
Week 5: August 5th – 9th
Week 6: August 19th – 23rd

Call us on 021 487 8717 to reserve your place.

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