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Introducing Coco College of Beauty Therapy!

We are so delighted to be launching Coco College of Beauty Therapy this September! The college has been in the works for over two years now and has already had hours and hours of planning. I wanted to create a private beauty college that allowed students to be trained in all aspects of beauty therapy.

Here at Coco, we are always on the lookout for the most relevant treatments such as Laser hair removal, HD brows and semi permanent makeup, just to name a few. We have always brought these treatments to our clients as soon as we determine the real benefits behind them. However, as we were hiring more therapists, I found that not everyone was trained in all of these new treatments. In beauty, it is often the case that a separate certification is needed for every single treatment.

I wanted to change that and make an all encompassing beauty college, where students could be assured they were learning the most relevant and useful treatments and skills. It was important for me to have a premises that was really close to the salon so that our students can be immersed in a real salon environment.

I really believe that you can’t beat real experience and it is something I always look for when hiring. We’re currently in the middle of renovating our great new premises, which is right next door to the salon. Our premises is 8,000 sq feet and is being fitted out with state of the art equipment by Studio No. 6 Interiors.

We are currently holding interviews with our course coordinators so if you would like to arrange one just call us or drop us a message on Facebook. You can download the full prospectus here in the mean time and stay up to date with all the college news on our Facebook page!

Lisa xx